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About Us

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Reign Roofing is the local roofing contractor you want to work with for all your roofing needs in Sugar Land, TX and the Greater Houston area. We do more than fix and install roofs: we’re reinventing the roof-buying process one roof at a time! We offer better service, better warranties, and a simple process that takes away the stress from you, our customer. As we like to say, “The Proof Is in the Roof!”

Reign Roofing is here for you and ready to serve 24/7.

What We Offer You

Our owners have deep roots in the Fort Bend area, and they have combined over 60 years of experience in the roofing, construction, and insurance industries. They founded Reign Roofing after seeing far too much shoddy work and dishonest roofing contractors who cut corners to maximize their profits at the expense of the customer. We’re here to make a positive impact on the community with our experience and skill and revolutionize the roof-buying process.

We offer what many contractors don’t: professionalism, better communication, better warranties, free inspections, and a simple process. We work hard to see that each customer gets exactly what they want. We’re fully insured and bonded, and we’re ready to help anytime with true 24-hour emergency service.

We’ll Fight for You

Along with our experience in the roofing and construction industries, we also have more than a decade of experience working with insurance companies. Most insurance inspectors have little knowledge of the damage roofs can sustain and will often deny claims. We back up our customers by working with the insurance companies to provide evidence of storm damage, and we also know ways to handle an insurance denial when a house has legitimate storm damage. It’s our job to fight for our customers, and you can trust that we always have your best interests at heart.

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