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Air Vents & Vent Covers

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An important way to protect your investment in your home’s roof and get the most years out of it is to have the professionals at Reign Roofing install air vents. Our technicians also provide repairs for existing air vents as well as install and service vent covers.

  • We offer industry leading warranties and stand by our work
  • We specialize in wind, hail, hurricane, and storm damage
  • We provide free inspections

You can reach us for true 24-emergency service: you’ll always get a real person on the line. This is part of our dedication to satisfaction that has turned our many customers into “Raging Reign” fans!

Reign Roofing is reinventing the roof buying process. Contact us today!


Why Air Vents Are Important

Air vents on the roof allow the attic to "breathe." Proper ventilation in the attic is one of the best ways to protect the roof. Moisture in a home rises and enters the attic, and this moisture can lead to mold and wood rot damage to the roof. Vents also balance attic temperatures, reducing heat damage to the roof.

The Different Types of Air Vents

There are two broad categories of air vents:

  • Passive air vents: These vents use the natural flow of air and require no power. There are several types, including static, ridge, and gable end vents.
  • Active air vents: These vents use electrical power to run and can move larger volumes of air. They come in solar models as well as standard power models. Other types include turbine and ridge with baffle vents.

We can determine the vent appropriate for your home’s needs and install it flawlessly into the roof. We’ll take into account your home’s architecture and style when selecting vents and covers. We take pride in providing our customers in Sugar Land, TX with exactly what they need.

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