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Skylight Installation in Sugar Land, TX

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Have you considered adding a hole in the roof of your house? No, not an ordinary hole—a skylight, a window to the outside peering through your roof. If you’re interested in skylight installation, Reign Roofing can provide you with quality service and a job done right.

  • We offer industry leading warranties and stand by our work
  • We have over 60 years of combined experience in the roofing, construction, and insurance industries
  • Discounts for military, teachers, nurses, and first responders

We’re a local company in Sugar Land, TX and we abide by the values of honesty and integrity. Our work speaks for itself: as we like to say, “The Proof Is in the Roof!” Reach out today for more information on skylight installation or other roofing accessories.

The skylight installers at Reign Roofing are here for you and ready to serve 24/7. Contact us today!


The Benefits of a SkyLight

A skylight can provide enormous benefits to a home. Here are a few to consider when you’re debating about skylight installation:

  • Allow in natural light to create a brighter, more invigorating living space
  • Creates a sense of greater indoor space
  • Lowers energy costs on heating from radiant energy and cooling from ventilation
  • Increases the resale value of a home

Different Types of skylights

You have a swath of options for the type of skylight to install in your roof. Here are a few you’ll want to consider, each of which comes with its own benefits and uses:

  • Fixed skylights
  • Ventilating skylights
  • Solar-powered ventilating skylights
  • Tilt window skylights
  • Tubular skylights
  • Manual control rod skylights

Reign Roofing will guide you through the purchase and installation process, every step of the way. It’s our goal to give our customers in Sugar Land, TX exactly what they’re looking for.

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