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Roof Replacement, Repairs, and Insurance Claims in Greatwood, TX

Give us a call today: 281-301-5477

Give us a call today: 281-301-5477

Boasting a collective 60 years of experience handling roofs in Greatwood, TX, Reign Roofing understands all the challenges that our local harsh weather conditions can throw at us. This includes hurricanes, wind, and hail storms that can cause severe roof damage. Our extensive expertise also spans over a decade of working closely with insurance companies. This makes us the ideal contractor for all your roofing requirements. Whether you need urgent repairs, a skylight installation, or inspections in the wake of storm damage for insurance purposes, we’re your best choice for a roofing contractor.

Reign Roofing is reinventing the roof-buying business. Contact us today!

Insurance Claims in Greatwood, TX

Are you facing the daunting task of dealing with insurance companies for your roof damage claim in Greatwood, TX? At Reign Roofing, we understand why you’re feeling anxious. Our team of roofing experts will be by your side throughout the claims process, guiding you through each step. With more than ten years of experience working with insurance companies, we bring a level of expertise many contractors lack. We not only assist in securing claim approval but also provide support if claims are denied. We’ll aid with the appeal process and subsequent re-inspections.

Roofing Services in Greatwood, TX

Reign Roofing sets itself apart in Greatwood, TX by offering unparalleled professionalism, addressing a gap observed in the local roofing industry. Motivated by a commitment to combat substandard workmanship, we ensure our customers receive precise and necessary roofing services. Our 24/7 availability ensures you can always reach a real person when you call. Our expertise includes many roofing jobs, including storm damage assessments, repairs, accessory installations, and complete roof replacements.

Roofing Types in Greatwood, TX

You have a range of different choices when it comes to roofing material: basic shingles, architectural shingles, impact resistant shingles, and more. This can seem like a tricky field to navigate, but Reign Roofing makes the process much easier thanks to our expertise. We’ll guide you through the selection process and work closely with you to ensure that the final roof meets all of your requirements.

Shingle Roofing in Greatwood, TX

We specialize in all types of shingles. We can assist you in choosing from options such as 3-tab shingles, architectural 30-year shingles, designer shingles, Class-4 impact shingles, and wind-resistant shingles. Our goal is to help you find the best balance between roof cost, protection abilities, and aesthetics, ensuring your roof fulfills all your needs. Our motto is "The Proof Is in the Roof!"

Metal Roofing in Greatwood, TX

You might not have thought of a metal roof as an option for your home in Greatwood, TX, but these roofs offer some terrific benefits: enhanced energy efficiency; longevity exceeding 50 years; and resistance to wildfires, wind, and lightning. Our experienced roofing professionals are available to discuss the possibilities of a metal roof, and we will provide valuable insights that will help steer you toward the best choice.

Storm Damage Repair in Greatwood, TX

Are you worried that a recent storm may have damaged your roof in Greatwood, TX? Reign Roofing recommends that you call us to schedule a storm damage inspection: we’re familiar with the local weather conditions and how they can damage roofs. Our expertise allows us to identify and repair damage or, if necessary, coordinate a roof replacement. Throughout the process, we collaborate closely with your insurance provider.

Roofing Accessories in Greatwood, TX

Reign Roofing covers a spectrum of accessories that are part of a home’s roof system, which includes installation and repair of flashing, gutters, underlayment, roofing membranes, skylights, air vents, and vent covers. Our decades of combined experience ensure you have the roof you need to handle all weather and all situations. Contact us for all your roofing accessory needs in Greatwood, TX.