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Signs Your Gutters Needs Repairs or a Replacement


The job of a roofing contractor isn’t just repairing shingles and replacing roofs. A major part of the job is working with roofing accessories, those components that contribute to how the roof does its job. Roofing accessories include aesthetic parts like skylights and essential parts like flashing and roof vents.

One vital roofing accessory that almost all homes have is gutters. Gutters transport rain from the roof, channel it away from running down the home’s exterior walls, and then send the water through downspouts into the storm drainage system to keep water from flooding over the property.

That’s a lot of work that these seemingly simple installations do, and unfortunately, many homeowners often overlook when they need to schedule gutter services Pearland, TX to fix or replace damaged gutters. We’re here to help with ways you can tell when it’s time to do something about old or broken gutters.

ONE: Overflow

We can get some intense rainstorms in the Richmond area, but gutters are designed to handle most levels of rainfall. If you notice that your gutters are overflowing and water is spilling right out of them like a log flume ride, it probably means the gutters have become clogged. You may be able to clean out the gutters yourself if it’s just leaves, but there may be more extensive damage to the downspouts that require repair or replacement. Ignoring this problem can lead to damage to the land immediately around the house.

TWO: Sagging and Gapping

If you notice a gap between the gutters and the edge of the roof, that’s bad! Water will cascade right down the side of the house that way. Also watch for when stretches of the gutters are sagging as if they’ve lost support. A sagging gutter will cause water to collect in the lower parts without going down the downspouts, and they can also damage the side of the house.

THREE: Cracking and Holes

Cracks are damage signs that can often go unnoticed if people don’t take the time to look closely at the gutters. We recommend inspecting your gutters after any major storm to see if there’s signs of cracks. Also look for holes, which can occur because of hailstone damage as well as debris from storms. Small holes and cracks can allow water to seep into the fascia, soffits, or even a home’s foundation, so please don’t ignore this type of damage. 

FOUR: Stained Siding and Peel Paint

If you notice water stains on the siding of your house when this has never been a problem before, it’s likely because of something wrong with the gutters. Another warning sign of water running down the house is peeling paint. You’ll need to have roofing experts examine the gutters to find where they’re leaking water and what can be done to fix it.

FIVE: Foundation Damage

This is the worst effect from damage or poorly working gutters: water pooling around the foundation of your house and leading to cracks and leaks as the water causes soil to expand and contract. When you have water leaks getting into your basement, damaged gutters are one of the prime suspects. 

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