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Top 6 Reasons to Consider Metal Roofing


The majority of modern homes have shingle roofs, with architectural shingles taking over in popularity from 3-tab shingles. But there are many different options for roofing materials with their own advantages. If you’re looking to have a new roof put in for your home, you may wish to consider a metal roof.

Although you don’t see a large number of metal roofs in the Richmond area, they do have several benefits to think about. Below are the top six reasons you may want to consider a metal roof for your home.

ONE: Longevity

“How long will my roof last?” is one of the most common questions we hear from homeowners. This is an area where metal roofing truly shines. Where architectural shingles can last from 15 to 20 years (depending on damage), metal roofs can last from 40 to 70 years. The higher-end the metal and the construction, the more years you can expect from your metal roof.

TWO: Wind Resistance

Wind damage is a major problem for roofs in our area. Metal roofs have a high resistance to strong winds and can stand up to 140 mph winds. That’s the equivalent of a Category 4 hurricane!

THREE: Fire and Lightning Resistance

When it comes to fire resistance, metal is the best type of roofing you can have. Metal roofs are fire retardant and won’t ignite from brush fires or due to lightning strikes. (And no, metal roofs do not attract lightning.)

FOUR: Energy efficiency

A roof isn’t just protection over your head. It’s also an important part of the energy efficiency of your home, since large amounts of heat both enter and escape through the roof. Because metal roofs have high reflectivity, they send away the radiant heat from the sun during the summer, and this can help a home lower its cooling costs by up to 30%. Metal roofs also cool down quickly when the sun sets, removing the need for ACs to work longer.

FIVE: Effective rain shedding

Metal surfaces are slippery and easily shed off rainfall compared to other types of roofing materials. This is one of the reasons that metal roofs can last for so long: rain doesn’t have much chance to get a grip on them. 

SIX: Lightweight

Metal roofs weigh less than most shingle and tile roofs, which makes them easier to install and removes pressure from the roof frame and other supporting structures. 

These reasons may make it sound like metal roofing is the best choice. But there are drawbacks to a metal roof as well, and the best way to discover which roofing material meets the needs of your home is to work with our professionals. We offer complete roofing services, including installing metal roofs in Richmond, TX. We not only have over 60 years of combined experience in roofing, but we also have 10 years of experience working with the insurance industry. We understand what local homes need when it comes to roofing!

Reign Roofing Is Redefining the Roof Buying Process! Call us today to talk about your choices for a new roof for your home in the Richmond area.

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