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When Roofing Damage Is an Emergency Situation


There are situations where you’ll need to act fast to have your roof repaired without delay. In this post we’re going to list some specific cases when roofing damage is an emergency.

However, broadly speaking, if you think you have a roofing emergency, then you have a roofing emergency. You may discover later it wasn’t as urgent a problem as you thought, but you’ll still be glad you acted fast. It’s always better to go with the safer route than to delay.

Situations Where You’ve Got a Roofing Emergency

Here are some situations that classify as a roofing emergency:

  • Water leaking into the house: This is the classic emergency situation with a roof. The leak may not be dripping right into the center of a room; often, the water will take different routes from where it’s getting through the roof and start dripping down walls. Not only do leaks threaten your property with water damage, they can harm the electrical system and create fire hazards. Don’t try to use a bucket so you can figure the problem out later—leaks need repairs ASAP!
  • Tree or pole crashes onto the roof: This is unfortunately a common occurrence in the area because of high storm winds. This can cause catastrophic damage to the roof, often in ways that aren’t obvious. You don’t want that loose tree leaning on the roof for long either, as it can fall further and create more damage or injury. In worst-case scenarios, the roof can collapse completely.
  • Hail damage: Hail storms are a frequent problem in Texas. Small hailstones aren’t likely to do much damage, but when hailstones more than an inch in diameter start to fall, it can be bad news for your roof. After this type of hail storm, visually inspect your roof from a ladder to spot dents, shiny spots, and black marks that indicate hail damage. Call for assistance right away, as this damage is often far worse than it looks.
  • Fire damage: Any fire damage to the roof is an emergency repair situation. If you have to call the fire department to put out your roof, you also have an emergency roof repair when the fire is doused.

What to Do in Case of a Roofing Emergency

If you’ve got a roofing emergency, the first step to take is to contact us—we offer emergency roof repair in Cypress, TX and throughout the Richmond area. Please don’t go up on the roof yourself to attempt to fix the damage, as this is hazardous and you may make the problem worse.

While you’re waiting for us to arrive, take what steps you can to mitigate the problems from the damaged roof, such as laying down plastic tarps in the affected areas. (There’s always the classic bucket to catch drips. Just don’t use this to delay making the call.)

We’ll arrive to figure out the type of damage and the best way to repair it. It’s our job to see your roof is fixed fast. If you need to make an insurance claim, we can help by working with your insurance adjuster to see that you receive the best payment on your claim.

Rely on Reign Roofing when you need fast emergency repairs to your roof in the Richmond area. Redefining the Roof Buying Process!

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