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The Benefits of Putting a Skylight in Your Roof


At Reign Roofing, we provide more than installing and repairing roofs. We also work with important roof accessories such as gutters, air vents and air vent covers, plywood and underlayment, and even skylights.

Does your home have a skylight? You might not have thought about this particular accessory before, but there are many good reasons to consider having skylights in Richmond, TX.

Skylights won’t work for all homes, and they can have some drawbacks, but we think this is a home addition that’s worth investigating. Our team of roofing pros can answer any questions you have about skylights and what they can add to your home life.

Different Types of Skylights

Before looking at skylight benefits, we need to distinguish between the available kinds. Fixed skylights don’t open and only provide light. Tilt window skylights and ventilating skylights can open up.

There are also solar-powered ventilating skylights available. The type you choose will depend on various factors in your home, and our team is happy to help you with making the right decision.

The Benefits of Skylights

Here are several of the advantages a skylight can bring. These benefits depend on the skylight type.

  • Natural light: Skylights will brighten a location where they’re placed, adding sunlight and a greater feeling of space. This has a psychological benefit as well, since greater sunlight helps to increase people’s moods.
  • Radiant heating: The rays of the sun are one of the great sources for natural heat into a house. In winter, sunlight streaming down through a skylight can add several degrees to your house, and you won’t have to depend as much on your heating systems.
  • Improved ventilation: If you have a skylight that allows fresh air in, you have an excellent tool for improving ventilation and allowing more fresh air into your house. Because the skylight is located on the ceiling, the influx of fresh air won’t have an immediate effect on your comfort the way opening standard windows does. Skylights are especially effective in the rooms in the upper floor that often get stuffy and don’t receive as much benefit from the air conditioning system.
  • Save on cooling costs: Ventilating and tilt skylights can help you save money on cooling costs during the summer as well thanks to allowing in refreshing cross-breezes.
  • Boost home’s value: A skylight is an attractive feature to potential home-buyers. They lighten up rooms and make the house more attractive.

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

We have to be honest with you: skylights come with some drawbacks that may make them less than optimal for some situations. However, most of these disadvantages apply only when the skylight is poorly installed or made of inferior materials.

A sloppy skylight installation will let too much heat escape through it and create drafts. Poor placement can also ruin many of the potential benefits, or place the skylight in a location where it’s more likely to sustain damage (such as directly under a tree that could blow over in a storm). 

When you work with our team, you won’t have to worry about getting subpar service with a subpar skylight!

Reign Roofing Is Redefining the Roof Buying Process! Contact us today to learn more about skylights and to schedule installation. 

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