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Can I Repair a Damaged Roof Myself?


If the roof of your house is damaged, you know it’s a major problem. What happens the next time it starts to rain? The troubles with a damaged roof go beyond water leaking during a storm.

With cracked or shattered shingles, the roofing structure of your house is exposed to the elements, which can lead to extensive damage that may require you to have to replace the whole roof. 

Once you know you have a damaged roof, it’s necessary to have it repaired.

Before you go looking for a tall ladder and purchase supplies from a hardware or home goods store (roofing cement, roofing nails, new tiles, etc.), you need to ask yourself if you can handle this job on your own. If you’re honest, the answer is likely no.

Why You Need Professionals

Is it impossible for a homeowner to make roof repairs on their own? Yes, but it’s not something that we recommend. We understand that people often want to take charge of home improvement projects on their own, but roofing repairs are much more difficult than painting walls or replacing boards on a deck. 

Here are the main reasons to rely on professionals for roof repairs:


If you’re not comfortable with heights, then we hope you’ve already abandoned the idea of repairing the roof yourself. That fear of heights is entirely justified in this case, as it’s easy to slip and fall one or more stories to the ground and suffer severe injuries.

Professionals have special safety training and work with harnesses and other safety equipment to make the job less hazardous. Roofers also have liability insurance to cover injuries on site, so you won’t be liable if anything happens to one of them. Avoid the risks and let the pros take care of it.


Repairing a roof is a complex job: it’s not just ripping out one damaged shingle and pasting in another. Roof repair starts with analyzing the extent of damage and locating all the points that need repairs, something an amateur can’t determine easily.

The actual repair requires using the appropriate materials and ensuring that the roof is fully water sealed. Only professionals can do this type of work right the first time, every time. 

Cost & Time

Making repairs on your own may seem like it’s a good way to save money. The opposite is often the case. Making any errors to a roof repair can mean paying a lot more in damages in the long run—such as paying to have the entire roof replaced, or even calling an HVAC professional to deal with energy efficiency issues!

There’s also the issue of time. You could sink days, maybe weeks, into trying to repair the roof (and still get it wrong) where professionals can have the job done in less than a day depending on the complexity. 


If you have homeowners’ insurance, attempting to repair the roof on your own might void your coverage. So if you make an error with the roof and need to call in professionals later, your insurance company may deny your claim because of the DIY work.

When it comes to roofing repair in Spring, TX, it’s always best to go to the best—Reign Roofing. We’ll help you through the entire repair process, including working with your insurance provider.

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