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How to Handle an Insurance Claim for Your Roof


At Reign Roofing, we’re more than a contractor who handles jobs like repairing shingles and installing new roofs and roofing accessories. We’re also experts when it comes to roof insurance claim assistance in Houston, TX. We’re experienced with working with insurance companies so that our clients will have the best chance of getting their claims approved. Our long background in the types of damage that roofing sustains in the local climate helps us help our clients.

Today, we’re going to go through the steps for handling an insurance claim for your roof after it’s sustained damage, including the places where we can assist you.

Give the roof a check for damage

The first step after you think your roof has sustained damage is to give the roof a visual check and look for signs such as broken shingles, damaged flashing, and marks that can warn of hail impact. Please don’t get up on the roof itself. The closer inspection comes in the next step…

Call us for an inspection

Reach out to Reign Roofing and explain that you need to have a damage inspection done for your roof. We’ll do a careful inspection and find all the specific types of damage done to the roof. If we do find damage, we’ll document it and then have you sign a contract to get the process started.

Examine your insurance policy

Look over your homeowner’s insurance policy and become familiar with terms and conditions, deductibles, and any roof damage exclusions. Look carefully at the types of damage covered, which include wind, hail, fire, and water leaks.

Contact your insurance company

Report the roof damage and provide all the necessary details, including the date of the incident and a description of the damage incurred. You’ll receive instructions on how to file a claim. Fill out the claim along with documentation from our inspection and submit it to your insurance company.

Meet the insurance adjuster at your home

The insurance company will want to arrange for their own inspection with an assurance adjuster to look at the damage. The adjuster’s job is to evaluate the damage and determine if your policy covers it, as well as how much to offer if the claim is approved. Make sure you’re there with the adjuster and you have proper documentation with you to back up your claim.

Review the offer

If the claim is approved, examine the offer from the insurance company and compare it with our estimate for the work necessary to repair the damage. If you don’t think the amount is enough, we can help you out with our expertise to negotiate the best amount. We can also help if your claim is denied. 

Schedule the roofing repair

Once you’ve accepted the offer from the insurance company, contact us again and schedule the day for the repairs. We’ll take care of all the equipment and the crew. Once we’ve finished, we’ll invoice both you and the insurance company. We’ll collect payment and sign off on roof completion.

Work with Reign Roofing when it comes to all parts of the roofing process—because we’re “Redefining the Roof Buying Process!”

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