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The Role of Gutters in Storm Damage Prevention and Mitigation


The winter is a rainy season for us here in Houston, and for a roofing contractor that means it’s time to talk about rain gutters—one of the most important parts of a roof when it comes to not only protecting the house but also protecting the property around it.

Chances are you don’t give much thought to your gutters. They were present on your house’s roof when you moved in, and you expect them to do their job. But do you know how important that job is? How important it is to keep the gutters in good shape and occasionally have them repaired and replaced? 

We’re pros when it comes to storm damage repair in Houston, TX, so we can fill you in on the role gutters play in preventing and lessening the damage from storms.

Gutter Basics

Gutters are troughs attached around the roofline or anywhere else water may roll off a roof. The gutters transport water away from the walls and foundation of a house, channeling them down a downspout that sends the water directly into a storm drainage system.

There are two basic types of gutters: seamless and sectional. Sectional is the basic type of gutter, while seamless gutters are specially manufactured to allow for the easier flow of water. Sectional gutters have the advantage of being less expensive and easier to install. 

Gutters in Action

Here are the ways gutters prevent and mitigate storm damage:

Diverting Rainwater Away From the Foundation

Water that rolls off a roof will fall straight down to the foundation of a house. If too much water accumulates around the foundation, it leads to heavy soil erosion which can endanger the foundation and therefore the structural integrity of the house. Gutters move the flow of water away from the foundation, sending it into the storm drainage system.

Preventing Basement Flooding

Another danger of having rain falling directly down from the roof is that it puts the basement in danger of flooding. When we experience heavy rains, basements are the part of homes that can end up suffering the most. Gutters channel water away from the home, so you’ll protect both your house and your belongings in the basement.

Protecting Siding and Paint from Water Damage

Water is one of nature’s most powerful forces. Just look at the Grand Canyon—that’s the result of water erosion! Now imagine that same power put to use on the sides of your house. Rain cascading down the exterior walls will first create water stains, then start to peel off paint. When the protection of the paint is gone, the water can do even greater damage. Gutters push the water away from flowing down the sides of your house and causing these problems.

Stopping Soil Erosion

If you don’t want the soil around your home to start having mini-Grand Canyons in it, you’ll need gutters to ensure the rainfall coming off your roof isn’t eroding away the landscape around your house. Your property will look more attractive and go for much longer before you need to do any major repairs or renovations to it.

Contact Reign Roofing for gutter installation and repair, as well as for any other roof accessory needs. Redefining the Roof Buying Process! 

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