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When to Schedule Storm Damage Inspection for Your Roof

Major storms often hit the Houston area with rains, strong winds, and hailstones—and these storms can create severe damage on the roof over your head. But if you think of storm damage only as something drastic like a tree collapsing onto the roof, you might overlook some extensive damage that needs repairs. This is why it’s important to know when to schedule a storm damage inspection with professionals. The damage may not look extensive from the ground, but shattered shingles and damaged flashing can lead to water getting under the roof and causing severe damage that can lead to an early roof replacement.

Whenever you’re ready for a storm damage inspection in Richmond, TX, simply call Reign Roofing. 

Call Immediately After the Storm

After a major storm, don’t wait around for several days: call right away to schedule a roof inspection. You can make a visual check on your own to spot problems like missing or shattered shingles, loose gutters, or the shiny marks of hail stone collisions. However, please don’t go up on the roof to get a better look: this is dangerous, especially right after a big storm. You want contractors with expert eyes to examine the roof and give you an evaluation of the damage.

Speed Is Important

It’s easy to think that a roof is fine as long as water isn’t dripping right down into the living areas. Most roof damage, however, is slower and more insidious. Much of the damage is often hidden. Leaks, compromised structural integrity, and the growth of mold are some of the problems that can slip past your notice at first but which inflict serious harm. The sooner you move to have an inspection scheduled, the sooner you’ll stop the damage from getting worse.

The Professional Eyes

You can make a basic inspection of your roof on your own from the ground or standing on a ladder beside the roof. (Again, don’t get on the roof.) Trained roofing experts like ours have the training to quickly detect and identify storm damage that everyone else would overlook. The pros will look for multiple issues: dents, cracks, missing shingles, peeling shingles, impact marks from hailstones. The professionals will also work up an accurate estimate for repairs, which you’ll need if you’re making an insurance claim.

Working With Insurance

Speaking of insurance, scheduling a roof inspection is an important part of the process. When you have your inspection done as soon as possible, you’ll be able to provide your insurance company with the evidence to back up your claim. We can help work with your insurer to increase the chance of receiving full payment on your claim.

Here’s a specific example where our expertise can help with insurance: some insurers use a “cosmetic damage exclusion” to avoid payment on hail damage. But those impact marks on a roof are much more than superficial scratches! Our damage inspections will show how the hail stone damage can threaten the structural integrity of your roof.

Contact Reign Roofing when you need a storm damage inspection. Redefining the Roof Buying Process!

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